Getting Started

Mary Harron. Image by Abbott Genser/ Picturehouse

I recently came across a quote by director/writer Mary Harron attributed (to her) while discussing her film, ‘The Notorious Bettie Page’. The opening line quoted her as stating:
“ALL womens history is hidden to some degree…”

Women have been an active contributing part of every moment, movement and chance in history (as this XKCD astutely points out in the case of science).

Harron’s words served as a catalyst in motivating the container for my senior project, the pre-production of a documentary focusing on the voice of the women of punk. That thus far I’ve had difficulty finding the full interview where this quote is taken from, holds a certain irony. Demonstrating by example, why I’m more than just a little inspired to take this subject on.

Another reason why I’ve decided to embark on this journey, is because I can’t find a film that squares center on the female view point. I’m aware of some of the ladies who were there (Chrissy Hynde, Ari Up, Debbie Harry), but my gut tells me there’s more to this story. I’d like to find and talk to as many women as I can. *I* want to hear what they thought, went through and most of all get to know them. Wether it be through articles, interviews or in person, each one of their voices is valuable and will help bring new light to those moments in time.

And in doing so, I will carve a channel where their collective voice is loud and clear.

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