Author/writer Sara Marcus (image from her site for 'Girls To The Front')

As I was sharing a recent string of experienced kismit, a good friend replied, “Those kind of things tend to happen…when you open yourself to it.” Similarly, when I start focusing my attention to any one subject, it seems as if curtains I didn’t know where there part, to reveal some new bit that is relevant and elevates my understanding. The following is a perfect example of this.

In creating links for my book and film sources for this doc, I found author Sara Marcus to have a well developed site for her recent release, ‘Girls To The Front: The True Story Of the Riot Grrrl Revolution’.

One part of the it, is a video project. Along with creative director Cat Tyc, Sara sent an open call to answer the following questions,
Who are you? How did you discover Riot Grrrl? How has it informed your life?
The answers are recorded via webcam and submitted for addition to the site.

In the page, they speak to the motivation: “We started wanting to hear other people’s stories of how they carry out the movement’s ideals. To once again not feel alone in discovering where it brought us.”

Brilliant! Seek out and give voice to those who were there, so as to be heard by those who will come!! Alice Bag (of the seminal LA punk band, The Bags) did something similar by sending a set of questions to key women in the LA punk scene and publishing the answers in her site.

I’d been considering a similar approach, though it somehow seemed best to leave this step for a later time. Because it seemed like something that should come when the story became clearer Once I saw the GTF video lightbox, I thought to myself ‘Yeah! Why not now – why not use this to help me better clarify the story?’

Thank you Cat and Sara for inspiring me to incorporate video early in my process. It’s given me a great sense on how I’ll reach the heart of the story I’m looking to tell.

I’m going to start sending out my own open call to those who I know or believe were there (friends, family and those I don’t know personally) asking the following,

  • When was the first time you noticed a woman in rock n’ roll?
  • What impact (if any) did it have on you?

5 thoughts on “Inspired

  1. Thank you for the link to my Women in LA Punk archives. I appreciate the exposure for this historical resource. Best of luck with this project!

  2. I’m thrilled you’ve come across the site Alice!! Thanks for your words of support! Your site helps shed light on the subject…with this doc I’ll be widening the scope.

  3. Thanks for your kind words about the GTF project. This project was a real labor of love and I am so happy to hear that it inspired to take on the transmedia torch as you develop your own film which sounds fantastic.

  4. There is a woman named Kathy Peck that was in a SF punk band called the Contractions who now runs a non-profit to combat hearing loss in musicians. The site is, and she probably has a lot of fun stories to tell.

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