In Preparation: Case Study And Conversation

I’ve had the privilege of participating in several independent film productions. Doing many things including star, assist with direction, cinematography, PA and craft services.

More recently, my work in film has been as part of San Francisco film festivals. The range in positions equally as varied, such as house manager, ticket taker, event producer and board member.

This marks the first time I embark in producing a full length film. Unlike my previous experiences relating to film, I am starting with research.

As I looked for sources to provide further information, I came across in interactive case study for the film, ‘A Midwife’s Tale’. The following page in particular breaks down the process of how the filmmaker closely collaborated with the writer to bring this story to life. The detail presented here will prove a great resource as I embark on my own project.

I’m lucky to also have the real world example of documentary filmmaker Cianna Stewart. She’s kindly agreed to meet with me soon to discuss her experiences in the field. Her dedication and continued success in bringing to life delicate subjects with such grace and empathy truly inspire.

I look forward to connecting and seeing what comes from our conversation. In particular our talk about the pre-production process.

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