Did Someone Say Kismet?

Alice Bag. Image: From Alicebag.com

Barely 48 hours in and somehow Alice Bag stumbled upon this blog.

I decided to request her take on my open call questions. She replied by generously sharing a brief excerpt from her upcoming book , ‘Violent Girl – From East LA Rage To Hollywood Stage‘ wherein she talks about the impact seeing Patti Smith live had on her. Thanks bunches Alice!!

When Patti Smith played at the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles in January of 1976 I was there, completely unprepared to have my mind blown but Patti gave me an unforgettable blow job. She came on stage, a skinny, makeup-less wisp of a girl and before my astonished eyes and ears she transformed herself into a superhuman androgynous, sensuous, venomous, writhing shaman, spewing words like poison darts that pierced and destroyed my stereotypes. She held me enthralled with the magical power of a rock deity.

Patti completely changed the way I thought about female performers. Most of what I’d seen before her were beautiful women with silky voices. Even those women who were primarily known for their strong, powerful voices were often repackaged and made over by record companies so that they would approximate the accepted definition of “attractiveness.” Patti was different: her sensuality came from within. Her power was in her words and her presence; it didn’t come from the sweetness of her voice because her voice wasn’t sweet, her power came from the brutal conviction in it. It didn’t come from makeup, high heels or typically feminine dress; it came from her raw sexual androgyny.

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