Brainstorming The Format

Unknown Musician - Pier 63, San Francisco (pic by me, wish I'd stopped to get her info - she was amazing!!)

I’ve been thinking on how I’d like this thing to look. Wondering about how and where to screen, and imagining what my target audience would look like. Will someone come across this as a recommendation on Netflix streaming? Or set their DVR on IFC. Would someone pick it up at the independent video store (yes, they still exist)? Maybe an intimate showcase with a few dozen folks in a make-shift digital theatre. These are all possibilities…

Presently, the format most intriguing to me is episodic. Producing mini-series focusing 45mins+ on (what I’ve come to identify as) the first wave scenes – NYC, UK, LA.

Imaginary film reel rolls in a myriad of cinematic metaphors. Animated interludes, three dimensional photographs or the ‘Ken Burns effect‘ (doesn’t iMovie have a filter named after this?) A current favorite, is jumping right into the footage with no opening credits. The first 10 seconds for ‘Kill Your Idols’ does this nicely. The first scene in ‘Punk: Attitude’ (if you take away the few titles that show prior), and ‘Decline Of Western Civilization’ do too. It thrusts the viewer front and center. Reminds me of being in the heart of the pit – lots of movement, risk of a bruise or three, always out with a smile.

I can imagine each one narrated by a key figure of their respective scene from the years I’m giving focus (1965-1980). My fantasy team includes, Tina Weymouth for NYC, Cosey Tutti for the UK and Exene Cervenka for LA (for the record, Exene is my first, second and third choice – wether this ends up being a feature length single film, episodes, shorts…whatever).

I’m usually met with a mixture of curiosity, questioning glares and sometimes a moment of connection whenever I talk about this project. It’s understandable…after all, how many people go around thinking about women in punk? Those who are passionate about it.

There’s ways to present something that is outside of someones experience and have it resonate. So one of my main goals is to find those moments in the story, that invite viewers to engage and experience this subject. And maybe come out the other side with something they might not have considered.

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