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'Last Fast Ride' poster
I recently wrote about ‘She’s A Punk Rocker UK‘, the first doc I’ve seen focused entirely on the women of punk (still in transit, though I’ve found a number of scenes online).

There’s been others which draw attention to specific all-girls/women bands or musicians (such as Victory Tischler-Blue’s ‘Edgeplay‘ (2004) or ‘King Of Punk‘ (2006) focus on OBGYN).

More recently, I’ve come across films that represent other aspects such as the No Wave and Cinema Of Transgression in early 80’s NYC – ‘Blank City‘ (2010) and LLik Your Idols (2007).

Today I was perusing the upcoming SF Frozen Film Festival guide, and found a listing for an upcoming screening ‘Last Fast Ride – The Life, Love and Death of a Punk Goddess‘ by first time filmmaker Lily Scourtis Ayers.

I was inspired to seek more about this film, and stumbled on the projects site. The thing that most struck me, was the ‘war stories’ section in the directors statement,
In these five and a half years in which I have worked so hard filming and editing this documentary, I have gotten married, willingly endured poverty and unemployment and gave birth to the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.

I’m sincerely awed by reading this (and the rest of her statement). The filmmakers strength and perseverance are clear. Hanging in there for over five years to bring this project to light is no small feat. Her goal to transcend the audience from Marian’s stage performance to a woman’s life forever haunted by childhood trauma is something she achieved (as evidenced by this review in Variety).

I’ll be thinking of Lily as I work through my own peaks and valleys and remember that however long it takes, it is worthwhile.

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