Funding Research

Image by Scott Beale/Laughing Squid

I remember first hearing the term “independent film”. The Sundance Festival was in its infancy and films such as ‘Clerks’ and ‘El Mariachi’ were hitting screens all around college campuses.

A few of us were inspired and collaborated on short silent Super 8 films (getting a projector with sound was almost impossible). We read filmmaker publications, heard of folks maxing out credit cards and continue to plot our way to a feature.

Our cinematic hopes are burned and buried with those reels. But the desire to produce a film never fully went away.

So when it came time to think about how exactly I’m going to go about funding this film, I dug back to some of the places I’d known, and found a few along the way.
Fortunately for me, San Francisco (where I’m currently based) is extremely supportive of independent cinema. Hosting a wealth of organizations poised to assist with funding needs.

I was directed to Women Make Movies by my good friend and documentary filmmaker, Cianna Stewart, which amongst other things, assists independent filmmakers with production assistance and fiscal sponsorship.

I’ve long since been aware of the Bay Area Women In Film And Television. Amongst other things, they produce an array of programs about and for filmmakers that assist in supporting their efforts.

Even the San Francisco Film Society (who produce the SF Intern’l Film Fest) provides grants to filmmakers.

One of the great things about this day an age is the ability to crowd source funds. Sites like Kickstarter have helped quite a few folks attain they’re creative goals by facilitating a good looking page, and ease of collecting donations.

Found myself reminiscing as I came across this article covering very unorthodox ways in which to fund a film.

I was also recently made aware of a Spanish production which purports to have a $1 budget. Not sure what kind of accounting they used to come up with this. But the trailer gives this production a promising look!

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