Discovery p3: Sifting To The Top

Since starting this project, I’ve made a habit of entering the phrase ‘women in punk’ in a search engine every few days to see what pops up (this is how I found out about Lily Scourtis Ayers doc and ‘Women In Punk UK’).

Today, the top result is for ‘From The Back Of The Room‘ a new documentary about women’s active presence and participation in the past 20 years of punk.

Fantastic find! I’m emboldened to learn of this as it means more and more voices around this topic. It also means different perspectives on of the same landscape, which only serves to enrich understanding.

Best of luck to the filmmakers! Check out their site for upcoming screenings.

EDIT: Someone recently turned me on to Google alerts – you can create a word or phrase alert and it messages you at set intervals. I created a few, amongst them one for ‘women in punk’. I received a message shortly after I saved the query with a link to a great set of clips about women in punk in the early days.

Interestingly, their summary includes no links to women in punk resources (like the ones I’ve shared in my related links section). Though their selection (while not vast) shows a good sampling.

I’m a bit conflicted about this site, as I personally don’t believe in appropriation without attribution/respecting the original artists wish for use of their work. But I thought it best to share as it takes care to present loads of great clips that in and of themselves. Enjoy!

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