Thank you Zora von Burden

I was chatting up a few friends about this documentary film project and the conversation inevitably turned to, “What exactly are you trying to say with it?” I find the answer varies depending on what I’m reading or who I’ve recently talked to about it. But the high level thread started as, and continues to be about scratching below the surface to reveal the women who were there. To pull the curtain back to show how much more there is, because its all right there, a seemingly lost treasure waiting to be discovered.

Exploring this subject has been for me, such a moving and amazing experience. I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface and already there’s a wealth of knowledge I couldn’t have imagined. This trend continues with Zora von Burden’s “Women Of The Underground:Music”. Coming across this book is a true gift. Reading the introduction, my heart skipped a beat as I saw my own recent sentiments reflected in her words. “When searching for books relating to this genius of woman, there isn’t much out there.” Ain’t that the truth!! “…these women are becoming more and more appreciated for their importance and impact on modern works.” YES!!!

So thank you Miss von Burden, for taking the time to make this happen. Because of you, I have one more place to work from. To better understand who some of these amazing women are. And how to better shape my voice to tell this very important story that demands to be told.

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