Bathroom wall, Max Fish LES/NYC (pic by me)
I started this project almost six months ago. Filled with trepidation, I moved through what I know to be there and all the things I’ve yet to work out. No project is a sole endeavor. It takes community…of friends, of colleagues, of information. A slew of elements coming together to tell a story. The magic is in putting it all together in a way that will speak to the heart of it.

For me, that would be to engage my audience (one or one billion) in the same way that I am moved and inspired by each of the women I’ve discovered. To see them for their humanity – imperfect, wavering, speaking a language that at times I could not understand. But somehow, embodying a purity in essence that is both intangible and undeniable. The sum of their parts are as great as any miracle written about thousands of years past. They show a level of alchemy so obviously present, it cannot be denied.

I feel very strongly that this is the work I’m meant to do. Days go by with unimaginable quickness as each contains its own set of challenges and commitments. It’s a wonder anything ever gets done. And the more time passes, the more overwhelming this “thing” becomes for me.

So where to start? Where to begin. I supposed by being pragmatic. Today, I sit with the dream.

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