Eating With My Eyes

It’s been a long stretch since I last updated this blog. The project has been on hiatus from active focus thanks to a few too many life changes collectively kicking my arse. Fret not, this is not the end of things! Simply a detour in what I’m sure will add to the many obstacles that impact a self-funded/driven creative venture.

New year, new energy, new focus. Focus on *breathing*, on taking this vision and transforming it into something tangible.

My passion for this subject is hard to contain. I get lost in a labyrinth of films, books, articles. So many angles, so much yet to be said…it’s overwhelming. Attempting to zero in on what would be the most meaningful way to share my love of women, of punk, of artists, of those you have yet to know and are so close to my heart. Well, it’s like a banquet with a glass door.

To that end, I will begin by featuring one performer. I’m not really sure who that might be but in taking all things in consideration, this resonates as a fantastic first step.

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