What’s The Opera Doc

My first exposure to opera came before this now classically classic Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd short. But I assure you, none of it quite managed an impression. To be honest, it made no impression at all. Not until this well crafted program. The heightened sense of drama as tension builds through their cat and mouse game. My heart swelled and stopped knowing how it would likely end, while also caught up in the roller coaster of riding the story to its inevitable conclusion. I recognized the theatricality of the costumes, having already joined a ballet group and performed in school plays. At the time, this somehow translated to familiar.

Am almost certain this clip is singlehandedly responsible for my ability to appreciate classical music later in life. It surely didn’t hurt to have grown in the time of Star Wars and The Godfather both with impressive orchestral soundtracks. I’m certain I’ll look back at this post and think of more.

Looking outside the cinema at this time, I discovered Scott Walker whose classical esoteric style encased by his baritone stylings are at once accessible and distant.

Reflecting on the music tangentially brought the film Amadeus. An engaging dramatization of the life of composer Mozart. Lush period 17th century costumes and sets staged his well known catalog. I’m gladly haunted by Requiem – moved by Lacrimosa, the power of Don Giovanni. Most enthralling was the choice to witness the story unfolding from a third party – another composer in the Austrian court, Antonio Salieri (played with depth and nuance by F Murray Abraham). In one scene, he describes the experience of reading a composition Mozart produced on demand. His words evoke many of the sentiments I experience when listening to music I love. Wether it’s by experience or simply because I appreciate the tune, this scene remains vividly present whenever I think on my love of music.

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