Punk Influence: Art Movement

SI Comic, Uncarved.org
From uncarved.org blog, artist not stated.

In the Spring of 2011, I wrote a field reader delineating how major art movements of the 20th century threaded to punk (field readers are extended essays akin to an annotated bibliography – sensing a theme?)

Punk’s been put through this lens before – Greil Marcus dedicated a great deal of Lipstick Traces to Dada and the Situationist International in relation to punk. In contrast, punks connection to SI (and Dada) has been extensively debunked by some, including Stewart Home who wrote a chapter on the subject in his book “Cranked All The Way Up“. I really appreciate having access to the gamut of opinions reflecting on what punk was. The thing I don’t see as often are essays or articles of any substance discussing punks influence since it’s inception (could very well be due to my active focus on proto/punk).

This changed when I crossed AD Jameson‘s part one in a four-part series on art movements, punk style and evidence of its impact in the present day. Highlighting current bands such as Interpol and Franz Ferdinand, Jameson connects the sound derivations to a variety of punk and post-punk bands. He also points their visual style (sometimes uncannily so) to imagery both in fashion and adverts (posters, record covers, etc). Part two focuses on Post-Punk in which he states “Lots of women were involved, and all-women bands weren’t uncommon”, something I hope to evidence to earlier years of punk through my doc. Parts three and four focus on No Wave and New Wave respectively, giving cohesive insight to the timeline. If you find it all too much,  go for a cursory look – I promise it’ll be worthwhile!

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