One Door Closes, Another…

max fish
Max Fish ceiling. LES/NYC

I’ve been nose down on a treatment and business plan through the past few weeks. Stepping back to look at what I’d like to do vs what I have available to me (people, money, time), it seems like it’ll take forever to reach some state of (satisfying) completion.

Accounts of pioneering punk women crossing many fields are becoming more and more commonplace. The first long format program online channel Network Awesome curated was a week-long cornucopia of interviews, live performances and clips featuring women in punk. Elsewhere in punk, there’s been renewed interest in docs like BBC’s segment, “Typical Girls” (1977). And in 2005, Don Lett’s “Punk: Attitude” included an extensive portion to the topic.

More recently, documentaries like “Hit So Hard” (about Hole’s drummer, Patty Schemel) and “From The Back of The Room” (Riot Grrrls) continue to peel layers to showcase the pivotal roles and influence occupied by many incredible women – past and present.

With all this and more ease of access to information, I’m shifting to a more nimble approach. I really like the idea of oral history as a format. Many of my favorite books employ this and I find it very engaging. I’ve also recently crossed a few projects that model what’s possible (namely, the Lower East Side Biography project, Maria Popova’s “The Reconstructionists“, Shelby Knox “Radical Women“).

I still take note of traditional documentaries (such as “Wonder Women: The Untold Stories of American Super heroines” and the upcoming documentary series about Danny Fields) to give me perspectives on interview techniques, ground previously covered and cinematographic inspiration. Still, I think the subject is ripe for immediacy. Over the next few months I’ll look to expand the focus to feature folks in my immediate circle and ranging in age and experience. All will somehow tie to punk, women and filmmaking. I’ll produce short segments and post them to my Vimeo channel. I expect they’ll be rough albeit full of interesting content. I look forward to sharing and your feedback!

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