Change Is The Only Constant, And That’s A Good Thing

"People Live" Street chalk graffiti (with @hackmancoltaire)
“People Live” Street chalk graffiti (with @hackmancoltaire)

The medium of choice for this project (MFA thesis for Creative Inquiry) has shifted a few times since the start. In premise, the focus remains solid: create an archival work to showcase pioneering women in punk. But what will ultimately serve the content? Documentary? Book? Live event? (Un)Conference? Abstractly, it all seems like a good idea. In reality, none feel like the “right” fit. Execution has eluded this as I’ve moved through research, conversations and the general tasks of being a full-time grad student.

My recent stint amongst the lead organizers in the All Worlds Fair injected a much needed shot of energy. Key to this endeavor was access to a group of SF-based folks interested in the thesis and ready to jump into action – @paigesaez, @Tsaiberia and @sfsly – with sometimes contributor (pivotal nonetheless) @colinaut.

We’ve since held a few meet-ups to consider what I’m looking to do and how to go about it. One of the first suggestions discussed is the use of podcasts and vlogs. Immediately I seized on this as fantastic way to create a living chronicle of this seemingly hidden story. It also resonates more closely to my nimble/quick sketch style of art making.

As the title says, change is the only constant. In the months to come, this page will undergo design shifts to accommodate better showcasing and accessing the content I’ll be producing. Some of the references @sfsly has pointed me to, like 99% Invisible and Radiolab will inspire and inform the format and presentation.

Looking forward, I’ve got several interviews scheduled over the next two months with Jennifer Blowdryer, Kristy Guevera-Flanagan and Iris Berry. I’m excited to see where our conversations lead and what anecdotes we’ll be touching on during our talks.

EDIT: Any questions you’ve been dying to ask about this subject or these women? Send them my way!

As you can imagine, financial expense is not an insignificant piece to making this happen. I’m humbled and grateful to have the support of those already involved in action. And to that roster, I now add the patronage of @hackmancoltaire. Thanks to his generous contribution, some of the costs for my journey to meet Iris Berry (in LA) are managed.

On a separate but related (if tangential) note – if you’re in SF and attending RESearch Publications event for Gee Vaucher’s new film “Angel”  this Sunday (March 17), say “Hi!”

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