Teasers Deux: Gee Vaucher

Me & Gee Vaucher

RE:Search Publications presented Gee Vauchers new video work “Angel” in an intimate North Beach gallery some weeks ago. I was lucky enough to connect with Vaucher shortly after the speaking panel concluded. Sadly, my not-so-trusty H4N malfunctioned. So this posts featured image is the only evidence I have of this otherwise engaging evening. But I thought I’d do a bit of a write-up anyway to share some thoughts.

Like many others, I became aware of Gee Vaucher’s art through the liners of CRASS records. It was years later when asked about a poster in my kitchen that I decided to dig in a bit more.

When I looked more into the story, I found her name and the history of Dial House. I was also greeted by the breadth and wealth of Vaucher’s work through the years, well outside the scope of the band.

This raw DIY-style Q&A recorded during the 2011 exhibit “IN ALL OUR DECADENCE PEOPLE DIE” gives an authentic sense of what it’s like to engage Vaucher in conversation.

As I was researching Vaucher prior to the event, I came across this essay published in the Guardian UK July 2009 “Could CRASS exist today?” In it, the author closes with, “The ticking time bomb of their idealism must surely live on in a new generation. But who knows when it will explode?”

I’m not sure if CRASS could be duplicated. But the ideals live on in performers like Pussy RiotAlice Bag, Jennifer Blowdryer.  In authors like Zora Van Burden and Iris Berry (author, performer, publisher). And in collectives like ABC No Rio and many others I’m forgetting or have yet to discover.