“Women in Punk” Round-Up via Network Awesome’s WIP Special

Yesterday, several friends forwarded me the link for Network Awesome’s “Women in Punk”, an extensive collection of (sometimes rare) live footage, documentary segments, films and interviews focused on women in punk.

It noticed it’d been featured on the Dangerous Minds blog Twitter feed, and bubbled up through Metafilter. DM’s published many posts of pioneering female (punk) artists throughout their time, so I wasn’t sure why they were pointing to a two-year old program. My best guest is the recent spotlight of Patti Smiths’ advice to young artists (most definitely worth a watch).

I first saw the Network Awesome selection as my research of women in the early years of punk began in earnest (summer of 2011). If you click through, you’ll note the anthology spans five days of posts – quite a lot ot dig through! But still, there’s a few gaps.

Inspired by this renewed attention, I’ve decided to extend on the collection and curate my own (living) list of wip (women in punk) content via YouTube playlist. Feel free to send along any links I might’ve missed!

On a somewhat related note, if you’re looking for contemporary female punk bands, my favorite source is Tumblr’s “Fuck Yeah Women in Punk”.


EDIT: Just posted to Dangerous Minds’ Twitter feed (originally published on 12/2012) – Nico sings with Bauhaus.

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